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Birthday: January, 28
Birthplace: L.A.
Hobbies: Lying on Silly Questionnaires
Favorite Sport: Anything but Soccer
Favorite Food: Grilled Mahi Mahi
Favorite Sound: A Ribeye steak Hitting a Hot Grill
Dadís Occupation: LAPD Motorcycle Cop
Momís Occupation: Housewife
1st Car: '64 Pontiac Catalina
Favorite Current Music: Anything I haven't heard 1000 times
Favorite Color: Orange
Hate to do: Fill out Silly Questionnaires
Love to do: Cook
Would Like to Meet: Emeril Lagasse
Would Have Loved to Have Met: The Real Don Steele
Strengths: My feet
Weakness: Blondes and Pizza (not necessarily in that order)
Favorite Toy as a Child: Laurie Bell, 1st grade


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